Matteo Crucito, the Artygiano del Lusso

Matteo Crucito, the Artygiano del Lusso

Millennial Italian Entrepreneur Matteo Crucito is working hard to rebrand the fur family’s business located in the city of Brescia. He has recently launched his new arty chic, green & luxury brand called REMOD. Relying on heritage, innovation and sustainability. As a modern art lover, he is doing his best to daily support Creativity: he is planning to open a creative & learning space named The Hub and he is thinking of getting soon involved in politics to help the italian young entrepreneurs. A whole program.


 Photo: Courtesy of Matteo Crucito

You grew up among the luxury furs produced by the family’s business founded by your father Antonio Crucito in 1986. When did you realize you would follow in his footsteps? 

I was very interested in studying fashion design as a teenager in high school. I have always been fascinated by the industry and I strived to explore new avenues within the fur industry. My key focus was on coming up with something that was ethical, responsible and sustainable. The conversations I had with my father- which initially seemed like a pipeline dream- turned finally to reality in the last few years. And I am grateful for the platform that my family has provided in terms of education under some of the most talented artisans and craftspeople in Italy.

At a certain point, of course, you felt the need to emancipate yourself and make your own personal contribution to the family’s heritage. And so, the remod’s brand was born. Can you tell us how it went?  

Firstly, there was no emancipation from the family’s business. What I wanted to do, and have successfully done, is diversifying and rebranding the family’s business by creating a niche market and offering customers a new vision of luxury fur with a reduced environmental footprint- that is vital for the survival of the planet. 

 Photo: Courtesy of Matteo Crucito 

remod is synonymous with luxury. A more accessible ready-to-wear luxury. What is your reference community? 

People that are looking for something unique with a story and a heritage behind. Like always more customers nowadays, our customers care about the planet and are environmentally conscious. We don’t have a specific demographic or age range: we design for everybody. However, our client base is international but also local. The community respects the different artisanal craftsmanship and the restyling concept in progress.

Photo: Courtesy of Matteo Crucito

You’ve made sustainability your strong point to differentiate yourself from the competitors. Can you tell us about it? 

We try to be as sustainable as possible within all aspects of our production’s process. The restyling phase is the easiest way to do it. We are using existing clients’ fur pieces often inherited. We upcycle and restyle them following our customers’ specifications. So we keep the fur garment on trend and in use: the fur isn’t wasted and can be rejuvenated to maintain longevity, sometimes up to 80 years or more. The fur repairs and storage components of REMOD are aimed to maintain the quality and longevity of each garment, by keeping it in use to continue a story. Our fur colourist experts have developed innovative new techniques to purify the water used in the dying process. Additionally, we have moved in the direction of using hypoallergenic and natural colours (when possible) on request. In terms of sustainable fur, we don’t use newly farmed fur; our stock comes from our inventory  or we used fur that we have acquired from other furriers that were unable to continue their business due to the global downturn in the fur industry. We are using what we have on the planet and in this way, the idea of responsible use of fur has become one of the main practices that we have implemented. 

To get out of the chorus and impose your furs as real trendy fashion accessories, you also decided to collaborate with well-known international artists. Do you like the idea of being considered an “artygiano del lusso”?

Art and artisanal craftsmanship are central to the image and the vision I have for REMOD. I am thrilled to be considered a”artygiano del lusso” because this is actually what we are. By creating capsule collections with talented artists from around the world, we are also able to collaborate and reach more art conscious fashion lovers around the world. At the same time, we give artists a different platform to exhibit their craft. The concept of “artygiano del lusso” is further seen in our production’s processes, from our artisans who come from families that have been in the fur industry for generations, to the fur colourist experts and pattern makers. My brand is a truly artisanal luxury fur brand. 

Photo: Instagram @REMOD

As a worthy entrepreneur 2.0, to satisfy the great ambitions you surely have for your brand, you have strategically chosen to invest in marketing & digital communication at 360 °. Equipping, among other things, the brand with an instagram account (@re_mod) arty chic. How important is it for you to have done this? 

In the past, I have had many opportunities to work with social media and PR companies. Those experiences have allowed me to finally find the perfect partner @pignacolada_lab which shares our vision and have the right skills to help us reach our objectives. I firmly believe that today a 360° approach is vital for the success of any business. 

Photo: Instagram @REMOD


As a member of the Millennials’ generation, you believe in the power of image. And in the one of influencers and celebrities? Could you involve some of them in your project in the near future? 

I can safely say that influencers and celebrities are a dime a dozen, and whilst those are great opportunities for marketing. But I prefer to honor my vision by collaborating with creatives, including artists and models that share our vision and the ethos behind the work that we do. Nowadays, collaboration is vital and a part of the way I do business. 

Time flies. Are you already, by any chance, working on other projects focused on fur or not? For the family’s company? Or outside? 

Yes. Like most entrepreneurs, my mind is always looking for new innovations and businesses to invest my time and skills in. Right now, I am working on a new startup called The Hub, which is a creative and Learning space where creatives from different areas can meet and work on their projects from start to finish, all in the one-stop-shop. Some of the components of The Hub are photography, digital media, fashion design courses, boutique concept stores, etc…Moreover, in the future, I want to be more involved in politics, particularly in the area of small business and entrepreneurship. Indeed I have a strong desire to support Italy to empower small businesses and entrepreneurs. The current economic and political situation in Italy doesn’t unfortunately allow startups to progress in an optimal way. I have to do my best to try to improve this reality in order that others can flourish without having to deal with the burden of almost impossible financing and red tape, currently a real minefield.

Photo: Courtesy of Matteo Crucito 

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